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    Microsoft Audit?

    Engage in the solution that puts you back in the driver's seat. Read More
  • Adobe Audit

    Designed with help from Adobe's 'License & Compliance' team, Engage for Adobe is the fastest & most accurate 'self audit' solution available. Read More
  • First Citizens Bank

    "Continuum simplifies the SAM process so we can focus on providing the services that are most important to our business."
  • The ITAM Review

    "If you take the output of a traditional SAM tool, then hire a black-belt licensing specialist to refine the data for a few months – you might have something close to the out-of-the-box service deliverable from AssetLabs."
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  • Secure, agentless solution for normalizing your software data. Delivers comprehensive software and hardware reports and details.
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  • Conquer complex SQL Server licensing for your MS SAM Audit in less than a week.
    Free agentless inventory tool !
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  • Take a tour of our 'flagship' solution that determines your License Position each and every month!
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