When it comes to 'SAM', we're trying to get rid of you..... and you should be happy about that.

Everytime there's an license reconciliation - or audit - most of the comapny assumes that the network management people have all the the data and all of the answers.  You already know where 'everything' is, all you have to do is 'run another report'.  You know the drill.

You know that the inventory data is just a part  (though an important part ) of the total license reconciliation process, but the rest of the team is counting on you to build a SAM 'position' because you provided a few reports during the last Microsoft 'review'.

Continuum delivers the complex, time-consuming reports to your SAM team, so you don't have to.  And we exceed where 'Asset Intelligence' has yet to go  (we know, we're the people who created it!). Continuum delivers powerful license analytics into the hands of your company, without tieing your hands in the meantime.

Is Continuum another SAM tool that requires it's own discovery agent?

§  No,  Continuum uses the inventory data collected by SCCM ( or other similar product)

Is Continuum interacting with the SCCM agent?

§  No, there is no contact with any inventory agent - or device - whatsoever.

Does Continuum install on top of SCCM?

§  No, the Continuum web service has no interaction or interference with SCCM whatsoever.

So, how does Continuum get the inventory data?

§  We've built an Data Collector applet that runs a SQL report against the SCCM dataset sitting on SQL Server.  Here's a video of how it works.

Does the Data Collector change the SCCM data?

§  Nope; it was built so that the user only requires 'Read-Only' rights. You can install it yourself, or safely hand it off to a non-technical user who is on the SAM team.

Will the Data Collector impact SQL Server?

§  Not in any way that we can fathom; the query takes less than a few seconds to generate the output, then the collection process is done.

Are you collecting any 'priveliged' data?

§  No.  We're only collecting 'installed' sofware titles for the device,as well as the device name and hardware attributes such as PCMake & Model.  There is no collection of IP addresses, user email address, User AD, user internet behaviour.

Our SCCM data may contain 'old' image inventory; how do you handle that?

§  By default, the Data Collector only collects data from devices that have shown up in the last 45 days; anything older than that we ignore.

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