Continuum is designed to align your SAM value-add with the customer's SAM requirements.... each and every month. But first, a bit of history


Is SAM a product... or a service?

Since the mid-1990's, there's always been the argument of whether SAM is an in-house product or and outsourced service. When companies consider an internal SAM product, it stands a good chance of being marginalized as 'component' of a network management or service desk product, or abandoned due to lack of sustained corporate will; sort of a corporate version of an exercise bike where it was bought under the best intentions.

When it comes to SAM as an outsourced service; the cost and time requirements for data analysis and subject matter expertise are so high that the customer will only consider your service if forced by an external audit, and the customer isn't in the right frame of mind to engage in a 'relationship' during the duress of an audit.

Continuum brings you and the customer together, lowering your operational costs of delivering a SAM solution to your clients, and lowering your customer's active involvement in the SAM requirements as well.

This isn't the first time we've done this.

We've learned what it takes to serve the SAM Partner community from the successes at AssetMetrix - the PC inventory and SAM service that was bought by Microsoft in 2006.  Before its acquisition, AssetMetrix was and resold through Microsoft LARs such as Compucom, ASAP, Insight, Dell, and Softchoice.  That development and business experience can now be found in AssetLabs.




Are we selling another inventory agent to the customer?

§  No,  Continuum uses the inventory data collected by SCCM, Altiris, LanDesk, Spiceworks and other similar products.

Is there anything that has to be installed, or any need to visit the client site?

§  The customer has the option to use our data collection app to retrieve inventory data, but that's it.

How long does it take for us to see the customer's data ?

§  Within minutes of the data being uploaded into their account, it's available for are applicable users  (Admin & guests!) to review.

Some of our clients would prefer to be anonymous; how can this be done?

§  Your customers do not have to 'declare' their identity when an Continuum account is created and managed through you.  To ensure your client's confidentiality, you are the billable entity, not the customer.

Are trials available for our clients?

§  Absolutely; you will be able to create trial accounts - at your convenience - for your customers.

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