Software Asset Management is frustrating.

Yes, there's incredible SAM value in your Network management/inventory solution, but the effort to identify 'auditable' software from the messy inventory data can take a lot of valuable time away from you.

Ofcourse, you already know that; 'spreadsheet kungfu' is what you have to do everytime there's a compliance question about Microsoft (or Adobe, or Symantec or Attachmate ...).

 ... then they give you the purchase data.

Each vendor has different rules & methods for determining compliancy; this is where simple math of 'inventory - purchase = position' fails. Calculating usage rights, upgrades and downgrade rights - even for just one vendor - sometimes makes quantum mechanics look like a walk in the park.


Continuum makes 'SAM' achievable...finally.

Brought to you by the people who created AssetMetrix's AssetIntelligence (now found in Microsoft's SCCM and SMS 2003), Continuum is your'on-demand' web service that transforms your inventory & purchase data into a cost-analytics 'dashboard' where your SAM team can identify entitlement position.....each and every month.

From Intelligent Categorization, Predictive 'true-up' forecasting and Support & Windows 7 analysis, Continuum is your '1 hour SAM solution' that transforms your network management & inventory tools into a successfull SAM solution.

Continuum changes SAM from a time-comsuming, reactive response for vendor audits to a time-saving, predictive process to build value for your CIO & CFO.

Determine License Compliance ... every month

Advanced ‘usage rights’ algorithms lowers your license-footprint.
Deliver License-Harvest opportunities to your IMAC team.
Identify ‘cost-risk’ of Microsoft & Adobe product lines.

Forecast ‘True-up’ Fees

Determine ‘deployment rates’ for your software.
Forecast when you exceed your entitlements and
the cost of your upgrade fees up to 3 quarters in the futures.

Organize Data for License Analysis

Input your ‘Microsoft License Statement’ data.
Auto-stitch License data with ProductLine ‘trees’.
Export ‘Effective License Position’ spreadsheets.

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