AssetLabs offers web-based SAM & ITAM services to customers engaged with volume license agreements with today’s leading software vendors. AssetLabs was founded by Steve O’Halloran, former founder of AssetMetrix.

Steve O'Halloran

As VP of Business Development at AssetLabs, Steve is a puzzle freak who tends to see everything as an algorithm, and is very uncomfortable without a whiteboard nearby .   He also drinks way too much espresso.

Steve started his SAM career in 1996 at Asset Software International (now owned by NCR) and worked heavily with channel & LAR  partners as the industry drove itself into a Y2K frenzy.

In 2000, Steve co-founded AssetMetrix; one of the industry's first 'SAAS' based inventory solutions.  At AssetMetrix, he authored many 'Asset Intelligence' reports and software categorization schemas, and was resold by such LARS and SAM partners such as Softchoice, Dell, Compucom, ASAP and Perot Systems   His work can now be found in SCCM; Microsoft acquired AssetMetrix in 2006.

In 2009, Steve co-founded AssetLabs (with James Campbell) to build the industry's first 'inventory-independant' license and risk analysis service.  Steve is also a contributor to the SAM Standards Working Group at ISO/IEC JTC1 SC& WG21.  And he has never been to a Star Trek convention..... yet.

James Campbell

As VP of Software Development, James is also a martial arts Sensei - Nidan  and  - many would say - a remarkable culinary artist as well.

Before co-founding AssetLabs in 2009,  James was instrumental in the web development efforts at Canada's  Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. 

James spearhead's both AssetLab's data-design structure as well as it's complex web interfaces. He also lends his musical talents ( Bass guitar and harmonica !) to various indie bands in the Ottawa area.

Andrija Bogojevic

With a strong background in software engineering as well as vast experience in analytics, graphic design and marketing; Andrija has done it all.

He brings international experience to AssetLabs and has worked on some very important online banking solutions designed and created for major European Banking Institutions. In the years prior to AssetLabs he has been a lead on several major development projects for the largest think-tank in Canada.

Andrija is a key developer and has played critical roles using his many years of software development experience to help ensure the success of AssetLabs solutions.

On paper, Andrija studied Computer Science at Algonquin College of Applied Arts and is a Microsoft Certified Professional for Software Asset Management (SAM).

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