About AssetLabs

AssetLabs was formed out of the former AssetMetrix; a web-based PC inventory & Asset Intelligence service that was offered by Dell, Software Software Spectrum, Compucom, Compugen & SoftChoice. AssetMetrix was acquired by Microsoft in 2006 and became the Asset Intelligence functions of System Center (SSCM) and Microsoft Intune.

AssetLabs offers IT-Risk analytic web-services that empowers corporations and IT Service providers to identify licensing, productivity, security & budgeting risks via analysis of their software inventory. Unlike other SAM offerings that demand a proprietary inventory for each device, AssetLab’s solutions integrates with your existing PC Management/Inventory tools, saving you time and money.

The Founders

Steve O’Halloran

As VP of Business Development at AssetLabs, Steve is a puzzle freak who tends to see everything as an algorithm, and is very uncomfortable without a whiteboard nearby. He also drinks way too much espresso.

Steve started his SAM career in 1996 at Asset Software International (now owned by NCR) and worked heavily with channel & LAR partners as the industry drove itself into a Y2K frenzy.

In 2000, Steve co-founded AssetMetrix; one of the industry’s first SAAS based inventory solutions. At AssetMetrix, he authored many Asset Intelligence reports and software categorization schemas.

In 2009, Steve co-founded AssetLabs to build the industry’s first inventory-independant license and risk analysis service. Steve is also a contributor to the SAM Standards Working Group at ISO/IEC JTC1 SC& WG21. And he has never been to a Star Trek convention….. yet.

Stéphane Pareilleux

Stéphane is our most Senior Software Engineer with a multi faceted development background skilled in all phases of the software development lifecycle. A master at engineering robust, user-focused solutions driving breakthrough efficiency and bottom-line results. A dynamic leader of software development teams, Stephane has over 25 years of experience managing multimillion-dollar, mission-critical projects.

Stephane built our data management and normalization engine from the ground up to be highly scalable and capable of handling millions of records at a time. He is true out of the box thinker, fanatical about quality, usability, security and scalability. A native of France, Stéphane is fluently bilingual in French and English and enjoys world travel.

Scott Lawn

Scott is a veteran in the tech field, with over 20 years managing customer accounts for enterprise IT companies. Scott is our senior licensing consultant assisting our largest clients internationally, helping them manage their software environments.

Scott has been instrumental in shaping AssetLabs in becoming the industry leader in software normalization it is today. Not being afraid to get his hands dirty, he’s entrenched himself in the development team to ensure customer needs are being reflected in our products and services. He is the driving force behind our industry leading Software Normalization algorithms, tweaking them on a daily basis in effort to achieve perfection.

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