Engage for Adobe is your solution to truly determine your Adobe License PositionIn less than a day, you will be able to:

  • Convert Adobe's complex purchase/SKU data into a simple entitlement position.

  • Identify 'hidden' entitlements that could lower your costs.

  • Identify erroneous purchases that won't be accepted by Adobe.

  • Determine the final cost to become compliant.


How it works

1) Engage for Adobe converts the Adobe purchase data into an 'optimized' entitlement count.

What's an entitlement?  It's a license that is considered valid because it meets a 'condition'.   For example, you can buy an upgrade license for Illustrator CS6 but you need a previous license (specifically CS3,CS4 or CS5) to make it valid.

Adobe has three major types of licenses:


FULL Licenses:     perpetual use rights for that version of the product, with no pre-requisites.

UPGRADE Licenses:  requires that you have a qualifying entitlement of a previous version ( limited to  3 versions preceeding).  That 'qualifying' entitlement then becomes invalid.

UPSELL Licenses: requires that you have a qualifying entitlement of a different product ( converting from Illustrator to CS Web Design)

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