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Group 620
Your One-Stop Microsoft Audit Solution

Everything you need to turn around your client’s Microsoft SAM audit faster and more accurately than ever before. Go from months down to days using our intuitive audit response framework.

Group 623
Data collection to ELP Delivery

Spend less time collecting and sorting data by leverraging our data connectors and intelligent data merging features. Dedupe, apply usage rights and non-production exemptions with a click of a button.

Group 624
Your branded customer portal to their data

Provide your clients access to your branded customer portal, providing them an unparalleled view into their software and licensing data. Make a Baseline subscription part of your ongoing value-add to your clients, even post-audit.

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Get Started Now

Completely Web Based with nothing to install and no integration requirements, get up and running in minutes


Baseline Overview

  • Group 573 Web-based Software Asset Management Framework

    Our web-based service has no integration requirements. Get your organization up and running immediately and kickstart your SAM program today!

  • Group 573 Software License Management Made Simple

    Track licenses from all vendors through our unique and easy to use interface. Determine compliance risk, cost of exposure and get ahead of the issues before an audit.

  • Group 573 Software Normalization and Cleansing for Accurate Reporting

    Built-in normalization and deduplication means your data is automatically cleaned up by our Software Recognition engine. Don’t rely on raw inventory counts, you’ll end up overpaying for unecessary licenses.

  • Group 573 Categorization and License Type Assignment

    Software titles are automatically categorized and determines if they are licensable, free, open-source or components such as drivers or patches. Filter out the noise and focus on what you’re most interested in!

  • Group 573 Manage Non-Production Environments

    Declare non-production states such as Testing, QA, or 3rd Party to exclude software from licensing counts. Leverage MSDN subscriptions to reduce additional license requirements all through our interface.

Baseline benefits include:

  • Group 1244 Branded portal, using your corporate logo
  • Group 1244 Automatic creation of Microsoft ELP report
  • Group 1244 Merging and deduplication of data from various different data sources (SCCM, MAP, RVtools etc)
  • Group 1244 Automatic application of downgrade, cross-edition rights, and non-production exemptions
  • Group 1244 Downloadable & editable XLS worksheets for SQL Server, Win Server, Exchange, Sharepoint, Service Center, etc.)
  • Group 1244 Reports for ALL other vendor data found within inventory
  • Group 1244 Desktop & Datacenter device age cluster analysis (for migration & replacement)
  • Group 1244 Identify software security & productivity risks
  • Group 1244 Free partner training
Mask Group 41-min

Comprehensive Deliverables

  • Group 1244 Full Microsoft ELP (Effective Licence Position) showing license deltas for all licensable software
  • Group 1244 Detailed server licensing report showing virtualization structure and license allocation
  • Group 1244 Mainstream EOL analysis for Microsoft products
  • Group 1244 Security and vulnerabilities Report
  • Group 1244 All data can be shared with customer in a friendly, easy to use secure web portal
Download Samples Group 1218-min

Data collection to ELP in 3 Easy Steps



Client uploads their Purchase & Inventory Data

  • Group 1244 No inventory agents required
  • Group 1244 100% web deployed; no onsite install or support!
  • Group 1244 Works with MAP, SCCM, MLS & others.



AssetLabs prepares & Organizes data for License analysis

  • Group 1245 Smart software recognition- Titles are recognized & sorted
  • Group 1245 Auto-calculate money saving install & downgrade rights.
  • Group 1245 Reduce costs via SQLServer non-production & MSDN states.



Your SAM Team applies license data & delivers ELP

  • Group 1247 Input entitlements AssetLabs auto-allocates!
  • Group 1247 Build SQL/Winserver worksheets for optimization review
  • Group 1247 Download MS compliant ELP reports
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