Engage works right away with your SCCM data, empowering you to start your SAM audit in mere minutes without the need to install any inventory agents.

Engage also works with Altiris, Landesk, IQSonar, Dell’s Kace, Microsoft’s MAP and many other leading inventory solutions that you’ve already invested in.

Simply upload your Microsoft MLS (Microsoft License Statement) to start the automatic reconciliation built into your Engage account. Almost immediately, your Effective License Position (ELP) starts to emerge across your auditable Microsoft products. Then, more complex license analysis kicks in to determine ‘back office’ licensing. At the end of the line, you can generate the Microsoft ELP report required by Microsoft for true-ups, renewals, SAM review & audits.

There’s hidden savings in your inventory data, but you have to count it correctly to save money. Usage rights in your Volume License Agreements lets you actually skip inventory data in certain conditions.

Engage auto-determines what products need to be counted and what can be skipped - device by device.

There’s also hidden savings in your historical purchases, only Engage calculates cascading down-grades across multiple product versions to ensure transfer licenses where required.


Hidden savings in your server environment - as well as hidden costs - can be found by reviewing the structure of your ‘virtual’ environment.  Microsoft has certain allowances & conditions for their products that are virtualized.

Engage reviews the license conditions not just for the MS product, but how it is virtualized within your VMWare environment.


Engage includes Streamline (AssetLabs real-time normalization & categorization engine)  - ensuring that auditable applications are prioritized and ‘non-audit’ titles are hidden from view. This means that Streamline will fix any product ‘nicknames’ devised by your IT  and ensure that trials, ‘ free use’ products and components are ignored.

In fact, the Streamline date is completely ISO-19770 compliant, applying LicenseTypes, ProductLines and other mandatory elements required by the ISO-19770-2 standard/


CALs are the ‘dark matter’ of the SAM universe; they can’t be directly counted but they need to be accounted for.  Engage uses an ‘inference’ model for determining effective Cal ‘deployments’ and compares that against your actual CAL purchase history. Engage treats your CALs as if they were directly countable, making them appear in your inventory.

Even though you can complete your SAM review in about 3 days, your 30-day subscription will give you the peace of mind to deal with any delay that gets in the way.  Just as important, your SAM review could identify significant tactical licensing errors (such as putting a development product in your ‘desktop’ image or deploying the incorrect edition of a product) that need to be corrected before final submission of your audit results.

Unlike other SAM products that leave you to deal with  their ‘DIY’ approach, with Engage you get dedicated support - from data collection to license analysis & review - from our team of Microsoft certified SAM specialists &  support crew.


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