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Your Managed SAM Provider

Our team will establish your license baseline, and help you maintain it with regular reviews. Move from reactive to proactive with support from licensing experts.

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Real People, Real Support

Get access to dedicated support specialists and licesing experts throughout the duration of your service. Have licensing questions? We’re here to guide you and help you make informed decisions.

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Gain Visibility into your Software

Your online web portal is your go-to resource for all software licensing and reporting functions. Get software-centric views organized by publishers and organized into product families.

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Completely Web Based with nothing to install and no integration requirements, get up and running in minutes


Prelude Overview

  • Group 573 Web-based Software Asset Management Framework

    Our web-based service has no integration requirements. Get your organization up and running immediately and kickstart your SAM program today!

  • Group 573 Software License Management Made Simple

    Track licenses from all vendors through our unique and easy to use interface. Determine compliance risk, cost of exposure and get ahead of the issues before an audit.

  • Group 573 Software Normalization and Cleansing for Accurate Reporting

    Built-in normalization and deduplication means your data is automatically cleaned up by our Software Recognition engine. Don’t rely on raw inventory counts, you’ll end up overpaying for unecessary licenses.

  • Group 573 Categorization and License Type Assignment

    Software titles are automatically categorized and determines if they are licensable, free, open-source or components such as drivers or patches. Filter out the noise and focus on what you’re most interested in!

  • Group 573 Manage Non-Production Environments

    Declare non-production states such as Testing, QA, or 3rd Party to exclude software from licensing counts. Leverage MSDN subscriptions to reduce additional license requirements all through our interface.

Free Data Connectors

You’ve already invested time and money for a management tool that collects device inventory so why pay to put your data in your SAM solution?

Prelude’s integrated data connectors are included at no charge, are secure and are easy to use !

Don’t have an inventory solution?
No problem; we’ll provide one for you! Sign Up for Free Trial Download Brochure Group 1295-min

Intelligent Licensing

Group 1243-min (2)

Microsoft and other vendors give you Purchase Usage Rights (PUR) that offer money-saving scenarios where you don’t need to consume a license.

If you know how to identify and calculate PURs, you can save a LOT of money.

Prelude gives you everything you need to automatically determined and historically record the many cost-saving PUR declarations

Prelude’s Intelligent Licensing:

  • Group 1244 Multiple Install Rights
  • Group 1244 Downgrade Rights
  • Group 1244 Home-Use Rights
  • Group 1244 Cross-Edition Rights
  • Group 1244 Virtualization Rights
  • Group 1244 Non-Production Rights MSDN Rights

Software Recognition: Superior & Streamlined

Not only does AssetLabs participate in the ISO-19770 to develop & deliver standardized Software Tags, AssetLabs actually categorizes and normalizes your software titles to ISO specifications.

What does that mean for you? Clear and concise software views that make sense from a licensing perspective

With a library of millions of software titles at your disposal (and real-time updates), Prelude corrects all variations and errors in your software inventory, indexes the versions and models, and creates Families & Editions to deliver an elegant and intelligent overview of your software.

Even more, AssetLabs’ software recognition – included as part of your subscription – even determines License-Types to identify auditable versus non-auditable products

Group 1244-min (1) Office Group

Microsoft Audit:
“Rapid Response”

With Prelude, we reconcile your Effective License Position (ELP) in quarterly (desktops) and bi-annualy (datacenter) frequencies for many of the leading software publishers. But what about Microsoft and their “SAM campaign”?

AssetLabs’ initial core competency is Microsoft reviews & audits, we help customers everyday with determining and proving compliance of Microsoft products.

Your Prelude subscription includes an expert team of Microsoft audit veterans; they will guide you through all the steps required, even if that means an emergency re-inventory and re-assessment. We’ll do what ever it takes. And that assurance is included in your Prelude service!

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Portfolio-centric Software License Optimization

Your Prelude subscription is not your typical ‘You’re-on-your-own’ SAM product, it’s all about Portfolio based Software License Optimization (SLO).

What does that mean?

S.L.O. means that you and your dedicated IAITAM-CSAM certified AssetLabs team will identify and reconcile your software products vendor by vendor based upon each vendor’s audit approach and sequenced by the cost and date factors of your multiple vendor contracts.

You and your dedicated AssetLabs Team will determine and deliver an ISO 19770 trustworthy data approach in order to get inventory the data and purchase data required to deliver a vendor-centric Effective License Position (ELP) that meets vendor audit requirements as well as internal management needs.

You and your dedicated Assetlabs team will repeat your license reconciliations on a quarterly & bi-annual frequency and use Integrated Project Management to ensure that the right people, tools & methods are re-applied to deliver success.

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