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    SAM Audit Defense and
    True-up Compliance Assesment

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    Received an Audit Letter? We can help!

    If you’ve received a Microsoft audit or SAM review letter, we can help you ascertain your entitlement position before handing ANYTHING over to the vendor. Know where you stand and what you can do about it before its too late.

    Group 623
    Expert advice from Licensing Specialists

    Today’s licensing terms are complex and hard to understand. Let our team of licensing specialists show your risk areas – and how to resolve them.

    Group 624
    Optimize the datacenter, reduce your costs

    SQL Server and Windws Server licensing can easily take up half your budgeteary IT spend, we’ll help you optimize your environment to minimize license requirements and reduce costs.

    Group 625
    Stop overpaying for licenses your don’t need!

    Are you taking advantage of all the usage rights you’re entitled to? Are you leveraging development and testing rights? Downgrade rights? We can provide optimization strategies to reduce your costs.

      Your privacy is important to us. We’ll never share your information.

      Put your audit in the hand of our experts

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      Full Concierge SAM Service

      Received a Microsoft Audit Letter or coming into a True-up? Let us do all the work. We’ll help you from start to finish. We can consolidate multiple inventory datasets, reconcile purchases with inventory counts and analyze your entire server environment. From desktops to datacenter, we’ve got you covered!

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      SAM in the Cloud

      AsetLabs’ SAAS framework allows you to centralize your Software Asset Management. Access your inventory and software license pool information from any device, from anywhere. Unlimited users can be added at no additional charge.

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      Project Management

      Our Project Management interface provides a detailed view of the progress of your engagement every step of the way.

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      Live, Real-time Support

      Our Software Asset Management experts are here to help. Leverage our in-depth tlicensing knowledge and experience to facilitate your SAM review.

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      SQL Server Licensing

      Take the complexity out of Microsoft SQL Licensing. Procs and Cores? Server + CAL? We’ll provide in depth analysis and optimize your SQL licensing to minimize your exposure. Also available as a standalone service.

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      Comprehensive Deliverables

      • Group 1244 Branded portal using your corporate logo
      • Group 1244 Full Microsoft ELP (Effective Licence Position) showing license deltas for all licensable software
      • Group 1244 Summary Review document highlighting exposures with advice and recommendations
      • Group 1244 Detailed server licensing report showing virtualization structure and license allocation
      • Group 1244 Software End of Life Report
      • Group 1244 Security and vulnerabilities Report
      • Group 1244 All data can be shared with customer in a friendly, easy to use secure web portal
      Download sample reports Group 1243-min (3)

      Why use Assetlabs professional services?

      • Group 573

        We’ve Saved Companies Millions In Licensing Costs

      Because we’re experts, we know all the tactics used by auditors to convince you to spend more than you need to based on their interpretations. Let’s face it, their job is to generate revenue. Let us defend your position and give you the upper hand in negotiations.

      • Group 573

        Defend Your License Position With Confidence

      Knowledge is power, so let us empower you with the facts and figures you need to make informed decisions about your licensing requirements.

      • Group 573

        Dedicated Technical Resource

      You’ll have a dedicated resource available for the entire duration of your audit to provide guidance and consulting on best practices, legal requirements, and ultimately what data your’re obligated to hand over.

      • Group 573

        Know Your Risk Before The Auditors And Take Action

      Knowing your position before handing over your data allows yout to assess and take apropriate action.

      • Group 573

        Dedicated Licensing Specialist

      A highly trained and experienced licensing specialist will provide answers to all your licensing questions, and implement cost saving measures to ensure licenses are applied in the most cost effective manor, leveraging all the usage rights you’re entitled to. A licensing specialist is worth their weight in gold!

      • Group 573

        Get The Job Done Quickly

      Audits can take months, even extend beyond a year! They’ll also suck up your organization’s resources quickly. AssetLabs can complete an audit in weeks – saving you valuable time and money letting you resume your day to day operations.

      • Group 573

        Web interface to view and interpret your audit data

      Don’t just take the auditor’s word for it, see the data yourself and identify discrepancies and exemption rights that can save your organization hundreds of thousands in licensing costs.

      • Group 573

        Unbiased Third Party

      Because we have no affiliation with Microsoft, and we don’t sell software, we have no bias towards the outcome of your license review. Our only goal is to ensure your license position is accurately represented and that all your rights are leveraged to minimize exposure.

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