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Save Money: Lower your Effective License Position (ELP)
  • Automatically reclaim & re-harvest your unused per-install licenses for ALL vendors.
  • Reduce license footprint with automated downgrade, concurrent usage, and non-production calculations (Pro Edition)
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    Save Time: Instantly improve your CMDB quality
  • Blend SCCM, MAP, Lansweeper & other leading inventory solutions to automatically create a normalized &, categorized software library
  • Export your software library -along with product groupings, model, support end dates, and other extended metadata – for use within your ITAM/ITSM environment.
  • Group 624
    Reduce Risks: Identify unwanted products and aging devices
  • Determine End-of-Life for Hardware & software.
  • Identify games, P2P, and many other productivity & policy infringements
  • Review ‘rogue’ opensource, trial & beta installs
  • Discover app-rationalization sprawl across 300 business categories.
  • Filter out drivers, updates to see true business products
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    Results in minutes!
  • Secure Web service with no interference to your devices, network, or management tools.
  • Unlimited users & data collectors at no extra cost.
  • Free live tech support too.
  • All Software normalized & auto-organized All Software normalized & auto-organized Version/Age dispersion and support deadlines ( when declared by publisher)
Version/Age dispersion and support deadlines ( when declared by publisher)

    Streamline Benefits

    • Group 573

      Web-based Software Asset Management Framework

      Our web-based service has no integration requirements. Get your organization up and running immediately and kickstart your SAM program today!

    • Group 573

      Software License Management Made Simple (Pro edition)

      Track licenses from all vendors through our unique and easy to use interface. Determine compliance risk, cost of exposure and get ahead of the issues before an audit.

    • Group 573

      Software Normalization and Cleansing for Accurate Reporting

      Built-in normalization and deduplication means your data is automatically cleaned up by our Software Recognition engine. Don’t rely on raw inventory counts, you’ll end up overpaying for unecessary licenses.

    • Group 573

      Categorization and License Type Assignment

      Software titles are automatically categorized and determines if they are licensable, free, open-source or components such as drivers or patches. Filter out the noise and focus on what you’re most interested in!

    • Group 573

      Manage Non-Production Environments

      Declare non-production states such as Testing, QA, or 3rd Party to exclude software from licensing counts. Leverage MSDN subscriptions to reduce additional license requirements all through our interface.

    Key Benefits

    • Group 573

      Industry’s largest Software Normalization & Categorization Library of 3 Million titles – from 72,000 Publishers – spanning 20 years

    • Group 573

      Automatic Title normalization via ISO 19770-2 naming conventions

    • Group 573

      Daily Library updates directly into your account; no waiting for monthly updates

    • Group 573

      Instant publisher & product updates, from name changes ( MS Lync=>MS Skype) to corporate acquisitions ( Slack=>Salesforce)

    • Group 573

      Auto blend (and de-dupe) inventory data from multiple inventory sources ( MAP & SCCM, Lansweeper & Generic, etc)

    • Group 573

      Identify Auditable vs free, OpenSource, trial, components, beta, etc.

    • Group 573

      Determine & Compare End-of-Support dates for a product’s multiple versions. Identify devices with pending/expired EOL

    • Group 573

      Identify hardware age without the need for purchase records

    • Group 573

      Target auditable titles from all commercial vendors

    • Group 573

      Auto-connect legacy vendors ( i.e. Macromedia owned by Adobe)

    • Group 573

      Automatically differentiate between Suites & Standalone software (ex. Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite)

    Process Flow-min For CMDB enhancement & App Rationalization

    Streamline Standard

    $699/£500 per Month
    • SW Normalization & Categorization Unlimited devices
    • Export Library for your CMDB Automatic SW Normalization
    • Unlimited Users LicenseType, Category, Model & EOL
    • Unlimited data connectors Export to your CMDB
    • Free 7-day Trial Identify Productivity, Policy & Security Risks
    • Unlimited users
    • Free Support
    Start 7-day Free Trial For per-install licensing & re-harvesting

    Streamline Pro

    $1 per device per month
    • SW Normalization & Categorization Includes Streamline Standard
    • Export Library for your CMDB Manage licenses for all per-install software
    • Unlimited Users Lower Licensing: auto downgrade & multi-install analysis
    • Unlimited data connectors Auto License Re-harvesting
    • Free 7-day Trial Identify License requirements per vendor
    • Identify largest cost risks across all vendors
    • Maintain historical proof of license.
    Start 7-day Free trial & request quote


    Collect your inventory data using your existing tool (SCCM, Lansweeper etc.) If you don’t have one, use Microsoft MAP for free!

    Upload your data securely into our web portal.

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    Streamline instantly cleanses your raw data.

    Normalize – Corrects mispellings, missing publisher names, missing models and versions.

    Categorize – Software titles are sorted in product families and assigned ISO standard software categorization types.

    Organize – Assigns license types, End-of-support dates and MSRP values.

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    Enter your license counts and entitlements are automatically calculated.

    Output any view to a spreadsheet for easy manipulation and customized reporting.

    View vendor license summary, drill down to specific titles and identify devices with unauthorized software.

    Output security reports and device age reports.

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    At the heart of Software Asset Management is good source data. Unfortunately, good source data is hard to come by. Enter software normalization. Normalization in database terms is the concept of having a single record represent multiple items, in other words to standardize naming conventions so they all point to the same record..

    Imagine the following software publisher names

    What you really want is for all these Company names to point to Microsoft. That’s what we do. Our catalog spans over 10 years and covers over 90,000 software publishers and 3 million software titles.

    Take this example and multiply that out thousands of times for all the various publishers in your environment, then add in software titles and you can see that accurate reporting can become a nightmare. AssetLabs can normalize these records so that a single publisher represents the many variations that you commonly find in your network. We also do this for software titles, and versions. The end result is significantly better quality reports without any hard work on your part.

    AssetLabs’ License Intelligence provides an instant ROI by taking the guesswork out of knowing whether a license is needed or not. Our software automatically dedupes, applies usage rights, applies downgrade rights and non-production exemptions to software instances so that they are not counted towards your license requirements – saving you thousands in unnecessary costs.

    Products like Office Suites are identified correctly indicating only a single license needed as opposed to separate licenses for Excel, Word, Powerpoint etc.

    Experience organized hierarchy to your software never seen before!

    Unique to AssetLabs is our concept of product families. Within your normalized vendor, software products are categorized to show families aligned to vendor’s licensing metrics. See all your different editions of the same family grouped together, easily differentiate Professional from Standard editions at a glance.

    Reasons to use Assetlabs Streamline

    • Group 573

      Instant ROI using License Intelligence

    Immediately reduce your license requirements by identifying license exemption opportunities – automatically.

    • Group 573

      No wasted time or effort on complex implementation

    Simply and securely upload an inventory for immediate processing. Our engine normalizes software titles at a rate of 6000 titles per second! Get same-day viewing. No need to spend thousands on costly and resource intensive integration and configuration.

    • Group 573

      No agents to install, use your existing tools

    Don’t pay for another inventory tool when you already have one. SCCM, Lansweeper, MAP, whatever the tool may be we can work with it. Protect your investment in your current technology and save money on your SAM tool by using Streamline.

    • Group 573

      The most cost-effective SAM tool available

    You won’t find the all the functionality and intelligence found in Streamline anywhere else at such a remarkably low price.
    Request a live demo to show what Streamline can do for you and get started today.
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