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How did a 900 seat 0365 customer save a year? **

Is this your 0365 story so far ?

A few years ago, your Microsoft rep suggested replacing your perpetual licenses with Microsoft 365.
They made it sound so simple; avoid SAM audits, and have better ‘control’ by subscribing to Office 365 … for the next 3 years

Fast-forward to today, and your 365 bill just keeps getting bigger.

You have a gut feeling that you’re paying way too much today ( you’re not wrong). And you assume that you can’t do anything until your 3-year agreement has ended.

Well, you can reduce your 0365 spend within your contract!

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Introducing Streamline 365: Cost analysis & reduction for 0365

With Streamline 365, you can review your 0365 data in new ways to identify &prove substantial cost savings within your current 3 year commit.

Eliminate AD phantoms

Microsoft uses ‘qualified users’ within your AD to declare your subscription ‘floor’. But how many users in your AD are phantom users. Are you using AD users to track rooms or equipment?

Gear down from E5

How were you to know – at the beginning of your 0365 subscription – if E5 ($35 USD/ month) would be cost-effective or overkill? With Streamline360, you can now analyze usage data to determine who can be ‘downgraded’ ( E3 is 42% cheaper!) from the company-wide E5 you started with.

Zero-out for non ‘E’ licenses

There are dozens of non ‘Enterprise Wide’ subscription add-ons available from Microsoft.. and they are not subject to the minimum ‘floor’ count used by your E subscriptions. Yes, you can reduce your additional subscriptions to Zero! ** and how did the 900 seat client save $40K?
Of 80 Power BI premium subscriptions, only 15 were being used. At $25.60 per user per month, removing 65 users from years 2 & 3 resulted in $39,936 savings.

Streamline 365:

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Calculate your current 0365 cost-loss

There’s typically an 18% to 24% initial cost savings from Streamline 365. We’d like to prove it to you, at no cost nor obligation. Give us the chance to review your last 90 to 180 days of O365 usage, and we’ll identify cost-loss including AD analysis, E5 gear-down, and non-Enteprise subscription components! Please enter your name. Please enter a valid email. Send Message failed. Please try again.

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