Software Recognition & Desktop SAM

Your desktop management solution has a tremendous amount of inventory data that is invaluable to your SAM team... but not in the form that they can use.

Streamline enriches data from SCCM, MS MAP & other leading tools, delivering a web-based dashboard to identify License Risks, Productivity Risks, Security Risks, and many other cost-saving SAM views.

Streamline is intelligent.  Data gets instantly transformed into ISO-19770 compliant product families, with automatic license-type recognition, product-lines and other mandatory elements .

Take it one step further by entering your license counts, and Streamline automatically calculates your license entitlement position. Output a Microsoft accepted Entitlement License Position (ELP) report to view all your licensing deltas at once. 
Transform SCCM data into dynamic SAM views
Streamline can blend your SCCM data with your license counts and build licensing Portfolio Views.

Portfolio View auto-calculates your compliancy levels and exposure costs for each desktop product line for all software publishers.

Streamline also works with MAP, Lansweeper, Altiris, KACE and other leading vendors.
Empower your SAM Team with enriched Business Data

  • Powerful Software Normalization and Categorization

  • Automatic ISO-19770-2 Standardized naming

  • Identify  auditable vs free, OpenSource, trial, components,
     beta, etc. ... as well as homegrown & customized apps

  • Identify software End-of-Support &
      hardware End-of-Life dates

  • Target auditable titles from all commercial vendors

  • Auto-connect legacy vendors
    ( i.e. Macromedia owned by Adobe)

  • Automatically differentiate between Suites  & Standalone software

  • Software Catalog updated daily - with 548,000 applications from 72,000+ vendors

  • Works with Windows, MAC, Unix, & Linux titles !
IMAC Views built from Streamlined titles 

Data Streamlining

All titles are matched using AssetLabs’ proprietary software recognition service which ‘Streamlines’ all variations and errors in your software inventory, indexes the versions and models, and creates families and editions to deliver an elegant and intelligent overview of your software.

License Pool Views :  Intelligent Entitlements for ServiceDesk

Buying 5 licenses for the latest version doesn't necessarily mean you can deploy 5 more installs of that version.  

In this example, you DO have 5 licenses available, but three of them are at the 2003 level. You can only deploy 2 at the most current version, not 5.

Streamline's Cascading downgrade logic ensures that each license purchase is optimally applied against your current inventory, giving your team the ability to identify both extra and license shortages.
The LicensePool view automatically calculates the optimum entitlement position,giving your SAM and ServiceDesk team the to harvest older licenses rather than buying new ones.

Empower your entire SAM and service desk team with a read-only view of the license pool for all your vendors (not just Microsoft!)

See all installed software per device

Streamline's normalization & categorization is powerful and practical.

For example, you can use simple search functions to find all devices with Web conferencing software.   Or drill down on a specific device to see the complete composition of all installed software and each title's category and license-type.  

Easily modify each software's production state to exempt it from licensing (such as 3rd party software bundled on hardware.)

Centralized view of all assests across your organization

Streamline supports:

MAP (free)
Lansweeper (free & paid version)

Have SCCM at headquarters but Lansweeper at the overseas branch office? Streamline will interoperate with multiple inventory tools at the same time.

Streamline's data connector doesn't need integration and doesn't intefere with your operations. Only collect data when you require it.

Fidelity check For Microsoft MAP toolkit can even determine failure points to ensure effective inventory


Additional Benefits

ALL Vendor recognition

From Adobe to Zoho and everything in between - any vendor software found in your inventory is normalized, caegorized and ready for licensing.

Automatic PUR calculations to save money!
Streamlines reduces your Effective Deployment Count (EDP) by automatically applying PUR (Product Use Rights) including multiple install and downgrade license rights. With Streamline, you automatically see the lowest Deployment Count.

'Sticky' exemption rights
Whether you declare license exemption rights for the entire device (such as MSDN) or for specific software titles (such as OEM or BYOD) those exemptions 'stick' to the software and/or device throughout your history of multiple inventories. Set it once and your cost-saving efforts remain in effect. 


Unlimited Users for your entire Enterprise.

Share your Streamline account with admin or guest capabilities.

SAM Managers can manage licenses, service desk can use License Pool views to quickly authorize installs. Network Administrators can identify titles that represent productivity & security risks.

Download reports, XLS exports, and even your entire normalized 'title library' to share with SCCM, ServiceNow and other management solutions that can benefit from Streamlined software titles.
Simple Pricing. Aligned with your SAM Strategy

$1 per device / month (min 3 month subscription, in 100 device blocks)

Free Data Connector
Software Recognition
Software Categorization/Normalization
Automatic Downgrade Rights
Automatic Install Rights
Device State Declaration
License Input and Storage
Unlimited Users
Exportable Reports

When your subscripton is over, either re-subscribe or request to 'park' your SAM data up to one year. All of your license data, license exemption states and historical data awaits your return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide discounts for yearly plans?
Yes, for prepaid annual plans we offer a discount. Please contact us for more information.

Do you provide a volume discount for large companies and partners?
Yes. We are happy to provide large companies and partners with volume pricing. 

I have an unsupported inventory tool. Can you still help?
Yes we can. We can import data using a generic template as long as all the data is there. Contact us for details on how we handle this.

What happens if I have multiple inventory tools?
Our data connector tool collects and aggregates data with ease and at the same time removes any duplication of data collected.

Still have questions?
Please contact us by phone, email or live chat. Our contact details are bellow.