SAM Data Intelligence minutes.

Transform SCCM, Lansweeper & MS-EndPoint inventory into normalized, categorized & data-enhanced reports & views.
Reduce License Spend.
Identify Productivity & Security risks.
Improve CMDB Quality


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Streamline Features & benefits

What Streamline will deliver

From the creator of Microsoft’s Intune & SCCM’s AssetIntelligence,
Streamline empowers your SAM Team to transform SCCM, Lansweeper
 (& other inventory tools) into a powerful Risk Analysis service to
lower Software license & Hardware spend…in a matter of minutes.

Auto License Harvesting & Usage Rights deductions

Designed for Microsoft audits – and applicable for allother Vendors that over Volume Licenses –  Streamline automatically reduces License spend by auto-calculating concurrnet & Downgrade installs on each of your devices.

Compare Cost Footprints, LicenseTypes & Categories for all your software

Streamline’s global library of product prices instantly determines the cost-risks of products and their parent vendors. The total cost-footprint of each vendor drives your SAM strategy of vendor priority.

Automatic title & publisher correction

Every software title is automatically normalized to ensure a single reporting reference for vendors and products and eliminates the need to search for variations ( Adobe, Adobe, Inc.).  Streamline also auto-corrects missing, misspelt & incorrect vendor names.  Once normalized, Category types & license types are applied.

Historical Version Dispersion

Your Streamline account maintains a historical census of product population counts over time, whether your inventory frequency be weekls, montly or quarterly.  Manage & maintain  ‘version dispersion’ to enforce corporate support policies.

Vendor & Version Rationalization

Streamlines library of over 500 clustered categories empowers you to identify potential redundancies in vendor & version deployment of critical software across your corporation.  
Identify potential ‘function’ overlap across vendors and rationalize accordingly.

Hardware Death Clusters

Streamline’s configuation library determines the birthdate of each of your desktops & servers, empowering you to identify depreciated devices and future replacement cycles?
Considering upgrading to newer, more powerful software?  Streamline can forewarn if a software upgrade may require device replacement due to age.

Watch the Streamline Walkthru

Wacth how license costs are reduced, policy & security risks are discovered, and app & vendor rationalized is determined from your existing SCCM & Lansweeper.

Choose the Streamline Plan That Fits Your Needs

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Industry & Customer Testimonials

“If you take the output of a traditional SAM tool, then hire a black-belt licensing specialist to refine the data for a few months – you might have something close to the out-of-the-box
service deliverable from AssetLabs
Founder of ITAM Review
"AssetLabs simplifies the Software Asset Management process so we can focus on providing the services that are most important to our business"
Rish Otteson
Sr. Vice President First Citizens Bank