Prove how much Microsoft is costing you.... at no cost.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to securing and optimising your Microsoft environment?  Streamline365 HealthCheck offers the clarity and insights critical to confident IT decision-making.

HealthCheck is free.  We will invest our time & resources to prove to you how much less you should be spending with Microsoft.

As a web service built specifically for Microsoft 365, there’s nothing to install. Streamline365 HealthCheck uses  read-only access to expose the deep insights usually out of reach without intense manual effort. It takes minutes to onboard, and the end result is an insightful report that presents opportunities to optimise, secure, and control your Microsoft 365 environment.

With key insights including JML, finance optimisation, and Office 365 product adoption, Streamline 365 HealthCheck is a secure and effective means of generating a proof of concept for optimising your Microsoft 365 environment.

HealthCheck requires a basic understanding of you O365 Admin console.
We will deliver simple onboarding instructions and offer live assistance as well.
Ofcourse, we’d want to have a live webconference with ou before we start  🙂

Data collection and analysis may take from 7 to 15 days.

Please do not use non-commercial email addresses. We do not sell or re-transmit your information in anyway. Promise!