Reduce your Monthly Microsoft 365 Spend. Significantly.

Nearly 1/2 of Microsoft 365 subscriptions are significantly ‘oversized’.*


Because companies approach Microsoft subscriptions via discounts & bundles, NOT by end-user consumption requirements. Out of best intentions, you choose subscription ‘packs’ based upon the potential for everyone.  But – as Streamline365 will demonstrate – the breadth & depth of Microsoft 365 components varies remarkably across your corporation.  You might be surprized.

Streamline365 puts you back in control, realigning subscription types to match actual end-user consumption.


Gain Visibility. Identify & Forecast Cost Savings.

How valued is PowerBI Pro?
Do you have more E3 subscriptions than you need?

It doesn’t matter how many devices are in your M365 subscription, every dollar counts.

Streamline365 gives you incredible insight into your complex M365 data and automatically generates dashboards to help you identify where & how cost-waste is happening in your Enterprise.

Each & every ‘SKU’ in your M365 subscription can be scrutinized to identify effective usage and cost waste.

Streamline365 automatically compares your monthly costs to actual usage consumption.


Review, Reassign & Remove


Are those bundled add-ons that Microsoft offered really a value to your company?

Streamline365 opens up your data to prove how effective the  ‘bundles’ and add-ons that Microsoft ‘suggested’ are being consumed ( or not) across your corporation.